søndag den 16. maj 2010

Fordele og ulemper/Advantages and Limitations

Hm....feel like doing permaculture with the house and the rest of our daily life, but I'm not sure where to start. I need a really good book.....

Oh well, on to the garden, where I am on home ground. I thought I would list some of the possibilities and limitations that I have on this plot.

- 200 sqm of great soil (under the grass)
- A patio, about 30 sqm. Brick walls to the north, east and south, so very sheltered and usually quite warm.
- Tall hedges to the west and north and big trees in the garden to the left (south of my garden).
- Allowed do pretty much anything with the garden as long as it is not illegal...
- Front garden to the east. Gets sun all morning. Sheltered.
- Back garden to the west. Gets sun from late morning until sun goes down.

Limitations:- Boyfriend wants a lawn for our son to play on (I'm more along the lines of making shelters, planting edibles and creating things to climb on and crawl under for him to play with/in)
- Front and back garden are to the east and west. Front garden only gets sun from daybreak to about mid day and back garden gradually gets more sun from 8 to 11 o'clock. Parts of lawn and patio gets hardly any sun.
- Not sure what the (elderly) neighbours will think about my way of gardening, which might seem "disorderly" to them. I could just choose not to care, but I do have to live next to them and don't really want to alienate myself. But I think it will be as simple as to tell that what I'm doing is intentional.
- My son has to be able to get everywhere without getting hurt and the garden has to be interesting and fun for him.
- No money. I actually think that this limitation is something of an advantage. It really sparks my creativity and leads to more interesting and out-of-the-box solutions than would be if I could just buy whatever I wanted. At first having very little money was annoying, but now I intentionally try to find the cheapest solutions, reuse and recycle. And that saves energy and materials - all in all a win-win situation.
- Building regulations, fire regulations, the "Hedge Laws" (regulations on how close to your neighbours's plots you can do this and that) a.s.o.

In Danish:
Gider ikke lige nu.............

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